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We are a couple of Ukrainian-Italian trained artists from Canada, with over 10-year work experience in Europe in the crafts and publishing industry. Good knowledge of visual art/design principles and techniques. We have a passion for sculpting and 3D modeling, layout design and original printing, calligraphy, illustration and book production in general.  

© All rights reserved by the authors. No part of these pictures may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. 


  "The Sea Beast", a tale Fairy Tale – original pencil drawings
  "Silence", a fairy tale for adults Art book – Silence
  William Shakespeare, sonnets Shakespeare, limited edition
  "Easy riddles" Mini book binding
  "The game of the heavens", Adagio, a novel Etchings – Satires
  "The Master and Margarita", a novel Etchings – Pavia, Italy
  "Satires", poems 1907-1922 Etchings – single works 
  "Host and guest", the epic poem Walking stick "Grapevine"
  Photo still lives Walking stick "African woman"
    Watercolour – Jokes