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by Stepan Romanyshyn


Handle for walking stick.

Material: mammoth tusk.


 A copy of an antique handle. Material: mammoth tusk. Not finished.


Walking stick.

 Material: mammoth tusk.


    Material: mammoth tusk.


 Prototypes for furniture   Material: resin


Walking stick, solid piece of wood, walnut


Walking stick, solid piece of wood, beech


Handle for a knife, solid piece of wood, boxwood. Not finished.


 Knife, a root of walnut, leather cover with pressed relief.


Chair, solid piece of wood, oak.


Handle for walking stick, ebony, incrustation with silver


 Penholder, solid piece of wood, boxwood.


A copy. A base of rosewood, a figure of amber, cordage of ivory.


A figure of a Roman legionary. Material: mammoth tusk.