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Portfolio D

 1. Calligraphy for different purposes

 2. Art of bookbinding

 3. Restoration of books 

 4. Etchings and engravings


 5. Illustrations for any literary genre: 

    5.1. Silhouette drawing for page-design and wooden stamps 

    5.2. Encyclopedia illustrations 

    5.3. INK Drawings 

   5.4. INK Illustrations 

    5.5. INK Portraits 

   5.6. Periodical for children 

    5.7. Poetry sketches 


6. Graphic Book Design:

Layout for brochures, posters, postcards, gift boxes and bags. Graphic design for paper products, advertisement and websites. Photo montage. Logos and company signs. Texturing for 2D and 3D figures. 

   6.1. Cover Design 

   6.2. Graphic design and book layout in QuarkXPress or In Design.

       Project 1 - Fairy Tale

       Project 2 - Futurist poems

       Project 3 - Fairy Tale for adults

       Project 4 – Novel

       Project  5 - Children book 

 6.3. Prepress file preparation (author/ publisher can require the PDF files ready for sending in print) 

 6.4. The publication of limited editions: with original etchings, hand printed, with calligraphy, with leather covers and reliefs of a different complexity. If necessary, covers are decorated with metal overlays. Everything is handmade. 

  6.5. Logo 

 6.6. Posters & Promotional products 

 6.7. Photo montage