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Etchings - Pavia, Italy

PAVIA”, a series of etchings by Diana Bychkova.


The first edition has been printed in 10 copies for the Libreria Cardano in Pavia, Italy.

A second edition can be printed upon request.

Each folder includes 7 etchings, engraved on copper plates and printed by the artist on a chalcographic press, on Hahnemuhle paper.

Handwritten calligraphy for the title and colophon.

Folder size: 26,5 x 27,5 cm.

Print paper size: 26 x 26,5 cm






1. Una mattinata a Pavia (9x12 cm)


2. Le nebbie lungo il Naviglio Pavese (15x8,5 cm)


3. San Michele, Pavia (7x7 cm)


4. Via Porta Pertusi, Pavia (11,5x9,5 cm)


5. Certosa di Pavia (14,5x7,5 cm)


6. Palazzo del Broletto, Pavia (9x12 cm)


7. Veduta sul Ticino, Pavia (12x7 cm)