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Watercolour – Jokes

© by Diana. B. and  Stepan. R.


A series of 20 large-format ORIGINAL watercolor pictures, which contain numerous characters and illustrate the Easy Riddles and Jokes.

Single-picture size: 40 x 50 cm


The short comment on the project:

Stepan has a great sense of humor and he created a great plenty of pencil drawings with 250 ironic characters. But his picturesque and a bit sloppy style is not applicable for the book pages. So, Diana added some more accuracy to Stepan’s sketched out animals as humans, arranged them on the 20 large compositions, and carefully developed all of the small details. However, being a ‘black & white’ graphic artist, Diana does not like colors. So, Stepan prepared the sketches of the next stage, developed artistic color balance on each single picture and on the entire series. Being an oil painter, he could not shift to the watercolour technique. So, taking b & w sketches, performed together, and Stepan’s colored pieces as a sample, Diana re-drew all the pictures on watercolour paper and dressed them with meticulously reworked small details, which are seen on the final pictures.

The entire series is a four-hand work, and its journey was a very long one.


9 pictures out of 20 are presented below, with some enlarged parts.

More pictures will be sent upon request.


N. 1. Title



N. 2.


N. 3 - N. 4.  "A wolf, a goat and a cabbage"


 N. 5. - N. 6. "Find the hidden animals"


N. 7 - N. 8. “Old women and carrots”


N. 9.  "Cats"


Some small parts taken from the other pictures: