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Art Book “Silence”, Oleg Prihodko. Limited edition

© 19 Etching illustrations,

graphic design,

calligraphy and bookbinding

by Diana Bychkova.


Years of creation: 2006 – 2009

Pages: 44

Book size: 27 x 40 cm

The text of the story is hand-written in the original language, Russian, and the English translation is printed in semi-transparent leaves and incorporated into the book design. 

In an attachment: a brochure with translation into Italian

Translation into Italian by Barbara Delfino

Translation into English by Dixie Adam, editing by Olena Leskova [www.arielletranslations.com]

This is a limited edition of the book, published in 10 numbered and signed copies plus 3 out-of-commerce copies. 

The book contains Oleg Prihodko's fairy tale for adults and 19 original etchings on zinc, hand-printed by the artist for each copy of the book on an etching press on Hahnemuhle paper

The process of engraving the zinc plates, with 15-23 layers of etching for each illustration, was long and absorbing but it allowed me to achieve various shades of grays and blacks, which fill the composition with either almost unnoticeable signs, like the spider’s web, or with thick and black lines that keep the contrast of the entire picture.

The search for the best way to arrange the written parts of the book led me to the decision to write the fairy tale by hand in a specially designed font, linking elements of Slavic ancient calligraphy with my handwriting, as well as adding graphic-design elements to the book pages.

I made a careful choice of which paper to use.

The bookbinding was created from natural beige leather, previously worked to reach the necessary thickness and softness. The book headbands were sewed from two-tone Iris threads. The applications on the cover reflect the calligraphy from the title page, creating a resonance with the content of the book, and their colours add shades to the colour of the leather.



Sales and collections:

Book n. II/X joins the collection of the Biblioteca Civica Antonio Arduino in Moncalieri, Italy.

Book n. VI/X is in a private collection in Milan.

Book n. VII/X is displayed in the permanent exhibition at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow, Russia. 

Book n. IX/X is in the collection of the Library in Soultz (France).

Book n. 1/3 out-of-commerce is in a private collection in Kiev, Ukraine.


Publications and awards:

2008 – won an etching award “Sandro e Marialuisa Angelini”, Bergamo, Italy. A copy of the etching joins the collection at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Academy of Carrara in Bergamo. 

2008 – publication in the journal “Illustrator”, London, United Kingdom.

2009 – a copy of the art book has been displayed in the Museum of Printing in Lodi, Italy. 

2009 – publication in the historical journal of graphics and art Grafica d’Arte, Journal of Ancient and Modern History of Engraving, edited by Paolo Bellini, supplement n.78, June 2009, p.6-7, Milan, Italy.

2010 – awarded with a diploma at the International Festival of Calligraphy, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. Conduct a master class “The symbolism in book illustration”.

2010 – won First Prix at the International Competition Book of Art Robert Beltz - le 9 Festival du Livre Illustré, Soultz (France).

2010 – won a gold medal and personal exhibition at the Graphic’s Competition “Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, Italy.



Bookbinding with the protective box and the brochure on the back cover


  Ex Libris, 7x7 cm   

 Title page with an etching 

 Some of the pages with etching illustrations, calligraphy and graphic elements: