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Easy riddles

Jokes & Easy riddles to entertaiment and energize your mind

For children from ages 1 to 101.


Artists: Diana Bychkova and Stepan Romanyshyn.

Translation from Russian into Italian by Barbara Delfino

Translation from Russian into English by Dixie Adam.

The first edition of the book was printed in 500 copies in Italian language in Milan,

Original title: Salinzucca, 2010, ISBN 978-88-904899-0-7

© Copyright DS Art studio ▪ www.ds-art.net


The book is ready to be published in English language. 


Fifty eight popular easy riddles and mathematical exercises of different levels of difficulty are gathered in this book. They are all written in an amusing manner, and accompanied by illustrations with 250 entertaining characters – the inventive correlation of texts and pictures is aimed to improve the ingenuity.

All pages have full-size watercolour paintings.

Book size: 24 х 33 cм (the size or layout can be changed, if required)


Some of the pages with riddles are presented below.

See more pictures and details see here.





·  ·  A flock of geese is flying. One goose is flying in the front, two are flying behind. One is in the back, two are in the front. One is between two and they are flying in a row. How many geese are there? (Three)


  Seven haystacks are put down next to each other and another 11 are added to the 7. How many haystacks are there now? (One)


 Five 1st graders, three 3rd graders and only one 5th grader can fit into a kangaroo’s pouch. How many kangaroos are needed to transport all children to a school where there are five 1st grade classes, three 3rd grade classes and one 5th class and in each class 30 nitwits suffer because of maths?

·   A man has to take a wolf, a goat and a cabbage across a river in a boat. Only the wolf or the goat or the cabbage can fit in the boat with the man. Yet, if he leaves the wolf and goat alone together, the wolf will eat the goat if he leaves the goat with the cabbage, the goat will eat the cabbage; but, in the presence of the man nobody can eat anything. The man still manages to take his load across the river. How does he do it?

 What has a hundred clothes and no zip? (A cabbage)



 Find the hidden animals in the picture and guess their names.



Answer as fast as you can: how many cats are there in a room if in each of the room’s four corners sits one cat, facing each cat are 3 cats and a cat sits on each cat’s tail? (4 cats)



How far into the forest can a rabbit run? (To its centre, after that he’ll be running out of it)



If it’s raining at midnight, can we expect sunny weather in 72 hours? (No, because in 72 hours it will be night again)



·  There are 3 matches on the table. Without adding a match, make 4 matches out of 3. You can’t break any of the matches.

See more pictures and details here.