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Silence_typographic edition

© Copyright: DS Art Studio  

Years of creation: 2006 – 2009

Pages: 44

Translation into English by Dixie Adam

Editing by Olena Leskova


The book contains Oleg Prihodko’s fairy tale for adults, accompanied with 20 illustrations.

Pictures, graphic design and calligraphy by Diana Bychkova. 

See more pictures and details on the art-edition here.

The book project is ready to be published in the English language in large number of copies.


Publications and awards:

2008 – won an etching award “Sandro e Marialuisa Angelini - 2008”, Bergamo, Italy. A copy of the etching joins the collection at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Academy of Carrara in Bergamo. 

2008 – publication in the journal “Illustrator”, London, United Kingdom.

2009 – a copy of the art book has been displayed in the Museum of Printing in Lodi, Italy. 

2009 – publication in the historical journal of graphics and art Grafica d’Arte, Journal of Ancient and Modern History of Engraving, edited by Paolo Bellini, supplement n.78, June 2009, p.6-7, Milan, Italy.

2010 – awarded with a diploma at the International Festival of Calligraphy, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. 

2010 – won First Prix at the International Competition Book of Art Robert Beltz - le 9° Festival du Livre Illustré, Soultz (France). 

2010 – won a gold medal and personal exhibition at the Graphic’s Competition “Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, Italy.



See more pictures and details on the art-edition here.