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Diana Bychkova



WES Educational Credential Assessment, Canadian Equivalency Summary: Two master’s degrees of Fine Arts.   

2014 – 2018 Ph.D. in progress, Western University Ontario, the program of Comparative Literature, the program of Comparative Literature, dissertation on the history of literature and illustration.  

2010 – Certificate, “Masters in Publishing and Editing”, Catholic University (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Milan, Italy.

2007 – Certificate, “The Spanish ancient book”, University of Pavia, Italy.

2004 – 2007 Master of Fine Arts, graphics faculty, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy.

2002 – 2003 Master of Fine Arts, faculty of book and graphic art, Kiev Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine.

1996 – 2002 Bachelor diploma in Fine Arts, faculty of book graphics and bindings, National Academy of the Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine.

1999 – 2000 attended out-of-course Cinematographic Faculty, Kiev, Ukraine.

1984 – 1996 full 12-year course at Children’s Art School; graduated with honors.

At the university in Kiev, during integrated Bachelor's (6-year full-time) and Master's (1-year full-time) programs in applied book and graphic arts, I had an equal amount of study hours in both practical aspects of bookmaking (every morning) and the history of arts (every afternoon). I had received the systematic training in the following subjects:

 Binding and book restoration was my specialization in bookmaking: techniques (from ancient to modern) and cover design principles: 3 hours/day, 3 days/week, 3 years,

• Illustration and book layout for different literary genres: 3 hours/day, 3 days/week, 3 years (the 1st year was devoted to illustrating novels and stories, the 2nd year I studied the principles of illustrating poems and symbolic texts, and the 3rd year I studied the illustration for children). 

• Printing techniques: 3 hours/day, 3 days/week, 4 years + a lot of homework (1-year linocut, 1-year xylography, 1-year etching, and 1-year lithography). 

• Calligraphy and font design: 3 hours/day, 2 days/week, 3 years, 

As well as Drawing (traditional techniques), Painting techniques, Visual composition principles (historical and modern), etc.

I have always combined applied arts with research, and such an approach has become a part of my artistic philosophy. As evidenced by my diplomas, I have attended in total about 3000 hours of compulsory classes in Art History and Aesthetics, passed theoretical exams and wrote theses.


Programs in which I operate:

Photoshop, Office, QuarkXPress (since 2001), CorelDraw, InDesign.


Languages other than English:

Italian (near native, I attended university, taught courses and worked in the publishing industry)

French (intermediate reading knowledge)

Russian (first language)

Ukrainian (first language)

Reading knowledge of Bulgarian and Serbian.



2017, 27-29 April - International and Interdisciplinary Conference "Letters", Varna, Bulgaria. 

2010 – presented a paper on the methods of translation of a literary image into a visual illustration, at the International Festival of Calligraphy, Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Veliky Novgorod, Russia. 


Work Experience


2014—2016 Teaching Assistant at the University of Western Ontario: classes and tutorials for the course of the Italian language

2012 – taught the courses of Art Book (illustration, engraving, calligraphy and bookbinding design) for students and professionals, at the Museum of Printing Art, Lodi, Italy: 1) Basic course, 2) Advanced course

2010 – 2011 organized and conducted the School of Art for children. Milan, Italy.

2001—2002 teacher of Fine Arts, a middle school in Kiev, Ukraine.


Social and organization work in book fires:

2014 – The Toronto Book Fair, Canada 

2011 – The Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany  

2004 – 2012 The Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy 

2004 – 2012 The International Book Fair of Torino, Italy 

2003, 2010 – The Moscow International Book Fair, Russia  


Art, craft and publishing work:

2016—2017 RA for the Archives of rare books at the Weldon Library (UWO): I selected books from different collections, cataloged and described them. 

2014—2016 TA for the Italian program at the Western University: I created different promotional posters and media projects to promote the cultural and educative events.    

2012—2014 cooperation with the Georgian Union of calligraphers on some publishing projects     

2004 – 2014 created high-quality products and offered services for private clients in Italy. Handmade work: illustrations, projects of art books, hand printing of etchings and xylography, publications of limited edition, calligraphy, bindings, ex-libris etc. Computer work: illustrations, advertisement, logos, graphic design, layouts for books and catalogs.

2006—2013 cooperation with the atelier of traditional printing by Giorgio Upiglio Stampatore (Milan, Italy), where original artworks were printed (etching, xylography, lithography), art books with etchings, engravings, calligraphy and bookbinding produced; as well as typography projects.

2008 – founded DS Art Studio.

2005—2007 distance co-operation with European and Arabic publishing houses, as an illustrator.

2004—2007 illustrator for periodic projects, publishing house Immedia Group, Milan, Italy.

2002—2004 worked as a freelancer for publishing houses in Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia)layout and graphic illustrator, 2D texturing for computer games, advertisement, graphics, bookbinder, calligrapher.



2010 – Present: member of Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow (Russia).

2012 – Jury on the graphic competition “Gruppo Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, Italy.



2017won the Graduate Thesis Research Award (Western University Ontario)

2015 – won the Graduate Thesis Research Award (Western University Ontario) that funded travel expenses of my trip “back to Byzantium”, during which I visited 5 countries and studied the medieval manuscripts in the libraries and archives.

2012 – awarded at the competition Lingua Madre (native language) for an art photo, Torino, Italy.

2010 – won a gold medal and personal exhibition at the Graphic’s Competition “Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, Italy.

2010 – won First Prix for an art book “Silence” at the International Competition Book of Art Robert Beltz, Soultz (France), - see under the year 2010. The results of exhibition were published in the magazine Bulletin de l’Association des Amis de Robert Beltz, Soultz, № 5, 2010, p. 16-19.

2010 – awarded with a diploma at the International Exhibition “Image of Book”, at the book fair in Moscow, Russia.

2010 – awarded with a diploma at the International Festival of Calligraphy, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. A copy of the art book has been displayed in the Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow, Russia. Further link

2008 – won an etching award “Sandro e Marialuisa Angelini, Bergamo, Italy. A copy of the etching “The residence of Silence” joined the collection at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Academy of Carrara.

2005 – winner of the gold-silver medal “Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, under the category “for the shown imagination and lighting execution of drawings in pencil technique”.


Exhibitions granted on a selective basis

2014 – participated in an exhibition “Libri d’artista e stampa originale” (books of Art and Original Printing), Modena, Italy.

2013 - Biennale “Designer bookbinders international competition,”+ publication in the catalogue, Oxford, UK.


2011–the exhibition UNESCO celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of a poet and writer Vazha Pshavela, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2011 – the exhibition “Diario d’artista”, Luino e Milano.

2011 – personal exhibition at the Slave Association “Polski Kot”, Torino, Italy.

2011 – the Festival of Art Book “USE A BOOK”, Barcelona, Spain.

2011 - the International Ex-libris exhibition Nippon Exlibris Association, Japan, publication in the catalogue The Nippon Exlibris Association, Tokyo, 2011, p.8-9.

2010 – the 10th International Biennial of Engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy.

2010 – a series of artworks on the futurist's poems “Satires” has been displayed in the exhibition and published in the catalogue “Festa del Dialogo”,  GraFiMar: Milan, 2010, p.10-11.

2009 – a copy of the art book has been displayed in the Museum of Printing in Lodi, Italy.

2009 – International Ex-Libris competition “Arti Grafiche Colombo”, exhibition, publication in a catalogue “Arti Grafiche Colombo”, Gessate, Italy.

In the period 2004 - 2010 participated in 11 exhibitions in Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Turkey and Japan.

2002 – participated in the Guild of Artists exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine.

Throughout 12 years of studying in the art school, actively participated in exhibitions held in Ukraine.

1994 – the first personal exhibition.



2017—an article “Greek-Cyrillic influences of calligraphy” has been accepted for the publication in a book on historical alphabets, ed. by V. Mitchenko, Laurus: Kiev 

2011—2013 a series of 5 articles on art of illustration published in an online journal “Fermo Mag”, Fermo Editore, Parma (Italy) www.fermoeditore.it   

2012 – TriMAg  Publishing House included me in the list of catalog “222 Best Young Book Illustrators”, Russia.

2011D. Montalto’s article about my arts, published in the newspaper Avvenire: Milan, from 19th January 2011, http://www.avvenire.it/ 

2010—my art book project, published by Alberto Casiraghy, Pulcinoelefante: Osnago, Italy     

2010 –an article about the Russian poems in the 1900s, published in the magazine “Segretti di Bocca”, Milan, 2010, number 25, p. 10.

2009some of the etchings from my book “Silence”, published in the historical journal of graphic art Grafica d’Arte, edited by Paolo Bellini, Milan, June 2009, supplement n.78, p. 6-7.

2008 – one etching “La Fattucchiera” has been published in the magazine “Illustration”, United Kingdom, London, autumn 2008, issue 17, p.42-44.

2006 – an article and four drawings have been published in the historical journal of graphics and art Grafica d’Arte, edited by Paolo Bellini, Milan, June 2006, supplement n.66, p. 13-15.