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Stepan Romanyshyn


   Winner of the jewelry competition Lobortas, 2014. 


Professional skills


Character development, Layout design and Modeling for 2D/3D artwork (video, cartoons, and computer games)

● Design the overall look, graphic elements, and content.

● Research work and selection (for example historical, photo’s materials, animals, etc.). Good knowledge of art culture and history.

● Development of the detailed characters. 

● Producing of the realistic or fiction sketches and final illustrations, by hand. Black & white and color drawing.

● Good knowledge of the anatomy (for artists) of humans and animals.

● Storyboard layout for the animations: for each scene.

● Texturing for each figure (taken out of 3D models) in Photoshop.

● Modeling in Zbrush   


Software that I use:

Photoshop, Office (since 2003)



Sculpture, carving and modeling

 Design of sculptures of any size. Careful study of details.

● Materials used for a carving: any type of wood, firm rubber (bi-compound rectangular rubber block, from which sculptures are then cut out like out from marble). Further, such sculptures are used as a model to multiply them in other materials). The miniatures of ivory (a mammoth tusk), coral, jewels, amber, expensive wood types are used.

● Used materials for a modeling: plasticine, wax, clay, plaster.

● Sculpture incrustation: with metal, stones, different types of wood.

In such a way various scenery for the Kiev Film Studio have been made: carved back of a bed, swords and sabers, interior details, housewares, etc.



● Artistic coloring of the sculptures. Interior wall painting.

● Carried out in oil on the prepared base.

● Oil painting



Restoration of a wooden, plaster or marble sculptures, restoration of paintings.


Spoken Languages

● English (intermediate

● Italian (intermediate)

● Russian, Ukrainian (native languages)




2004 – 2008 Faculty of painting, Academy di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy.

1996 – 2002 Bachelor diploma at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev, Ukraine. Faculty of Conservation-restoration of monumental paintings on canvas and wooden bases. Graduated with honors. Graduation work: restoration of two polychrome sculptures: Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel (mid 18th century) and restoration of a female portrait (mid 18th century) on canvas, preliminary studying of the object's history.

1991 – 1996 Erdaly’s College of Applied Arts, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, faculty of artistic wood processing and sculpting; diploma for a senior expert in arts and crafts, and master of drawing. Also studied drawing, painting and sculpting.

1990 – 1995 Children’s Art School in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.


Work Experience

2016 - a volunteer teacher of figurative arts and basic computer use for a private doctor, London, Ontario. 

2002 – present: realized the high-quality products and offered services for private clients (in Milan). Computer work: advertisement, 2D and 3D graphic. And hand-made work: implementation of hand-carved furniture, woodcarvings, miniature sculptures in ivory, coral, amber and other material, decorations, sculptures for the church, wax models for furniture, restoration of antiques and painting, copies of antique furniture etc.

2010 – 2014 taught a Course of Figurative Arts for the college students.

2009 – created, completed and published the book for children “Salinzucca” (Easy Riddles).

2008 – founded Studio DS Art and continued to work for private clients.

2005 – private work: completed a series of 150 icons on wood.

2004 – made decorations and paintings for apartments and restaurants, Kiev, Ukraine.

2003 – 2004 worked on 2D drawings for computer games.

2002 – 2003 restored paintings, polychrome sculptures and furniture, as the restorer in National Museum, Kiev, Ukraine.

1997 – 2004 pictures and furniture restoration for private collections, created copies of antiquarian furniture (Kiev).

1992 – 1996 joiner's workshop, work carried out on furniture assembly.