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Silence_typographic edition

© Copyright: DS Art Studio  

Year of completion: 2009

Pages: 44

Translation into English by Dixie Adam

Editing by Olena Leskova [www.arielletranslations.com]


The book contains Oleg Prihodko’s fairy tale for adults, accompanied with 19 illustrations.

Pictures, graphic design and calligraphy by Diana Bychkova. 

See more pictures and details on the art-edition here.

The book project is ready to be published in the English language in a large number of copies.


Publications and awards:

2008 – won an etching award “Sandro e Marialuisa Angelini - 2008”, Bergamo, Italy. A copy of the etching joins the collection at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Academy of Carrara in Bergamo. 

2008 – publication in the journal “Illustrator”, London, United Kingdom.

2009 – a copy of the art book has been displayed in the Museum of Printing in Lodi, Italy. 

2009 – publication in the historical journal of graphics and art Grafica d’Arte, Journal of Ancient and Modern History of Engraving, edited by Paolo Bellini, supplement n.78, June 2009, p.6-7, Milan, Italy.

2010 – awarded with a diploma at the International Festival of Calligraphy, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. 

2010 – won First Prix at the International Competition Book of Art Robert Beltz - le 9° Festival du Livre Illustré, Soultz (France). 

2010 – won a gold medal and personal exhibition at the Graphic’s Competition “Cesare Frigerio”, Corsico, Italy.



See more pictures and details on the art-edition here.